A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In this game, you control the facial muscles of a young girl who wants to convince her father to buy her ice-cream.
She tries to impress by thinking of crazy pain faces, and the player is in charge of replicating those expressions by moving the girls facial features.


Team Boquin
Alex Camilleri (@AlexKalopsia) - design, graphics, sound
Danny Calleri (@DannyCalleri) - design, code
Ciro Continisio (@ccontinisio) - design, graphics, animations
Mattia Traverso (@MattiaNotFound) - design, code

Made in 48 hours at the Nordic Game Jam 2013 in Copenhagen.

Install instructions

All buttons/triggers + thumbsticks + thumbstick presses.
Use the different controls to move Chenny's face muscles. Which muscle is which button, it's yours to discover.

The game requires an Xbox Controller to be played.


TheChennyMAC.zip 48 MB
TheChennyWIN.zip 47 MB