A downloadable game album for Windows, macOS, and Linux

NOTE: the new version of the game, Memoir En Code: Reissue, is now available for download HERE. Do not buy this one

Memoir En Code is an autobiographical game album.

It's a series of short interactive games about life events that influenced and shaped me. From being in a long distance relationship, to living in a foreign country.

"This is Camilleri's success, and what he hoped to achieve when getting around to making his own autobiographical game." KillScreen

"Alex hasn't stopped experimenting with the videogame language, and this time the topic is his own life." Wired Italy

Memoir En Code was developed in the attempt to explore autobiography in games. Playing through the experience once will take approximately 30 minutes. The game is meant to be played several times to understand more about the different events and the small details that define each part. Memoir En Code contains secrets and meta elements that extend the duration to few hours.

Together with the game, you will receive Memoir De Code (a window between me and you), and a Digital Booklet with extra information about the games.

0. Pieces
1. Øresund
2. Oranje
3. Laurana
4. Otoloop
5. S.S.S.
6. Precisione
7. Silippo
8. Memoir Encore

Thank you for considering purchasing it, you will help me making more games as an independent developer. I hope you will like Memoir En Code and discover its secrets. I'm sure you will get to know me better.


All the game versions include the same exact content. Feel free to pick the one that suits your budget best. By purchasing the game you will help me making more games as an independent game developer.


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